Queer Eye for the Straight “I”


Still living in South Haven with my Father in the first half of December, and by this time, he’s starting to get a bit more independent, and going through the last few chemo treatments, which he seems to be responding well to, all things considered. Physical therapy was helping him regain some of his mobility and I was starting to think about weaning him off of my constant attention (which wasn’t easy). Thankfully, most of my clients have adjusted to the new working relationship (more emails instead of phone calls, and taking into account that sometimes I’m not available for same day work).

The above illustration was for the Wall Street Journal, and I was asked to do a scene along the lines of the then popular cable tv show ‘queer eye for the straight guy’, but populated with accountants giving a businessman a ‘financial makeover’.

Then, above are my monthly contingent of ‘health care’ spots for the same client. The topics were about ‘gyms and exercise machines’, ‘nose mist’, ‘acupuncture’ and ‘new years resolutions’. My favorite one this month was the acupuncture piece, as I was trying out a new technique where I add color to the black scratchboard lines, as a way of softening the illustration. It seems to help a bit on faces, as the scratchboard can sometimes make them look a bit dark and harsh.

I also had a few smaller spots for the same client during December. The piece to the left was about a popular science toy for children this season, a microscope, that was nearly as popular with the adults as it was with the kids they are aimed toward.

Then there was a spot about AOL, but I don’t remember quite what the angle was on this story. Perhaps something to do with coaching/training on internet usage? Both these spots seem quite similar in style and approach, probably due to the size and the style that seems to work best when trying to fit a lot into a tight area.

I also had a black and white same day spot for the same client, this one presumably about prescription medicines, or stock related to pharmaceuticals in some way. (These smaller black and white spots are usually for a sunday chart accompaniment)