Casualties and New Blood

ABA, Log Home Living, Newsday

During this difficult six month period, dealing with Dad’s Multiple Myeloma, I took a bit of a hit on the business side of things. Some clients didn’t seem to adjust well to my being out of the office, and pretty much stayed away for the second half of the year, but on the bright side, I actually started doing some work for a few new clients during this time, to take up the slack.

The illustrations above and below were for one of these new clients. A girl that once worked with my wife at Gemini Publications (Grand Rapids Magazine, Parent and Business Journal), got a job with Log Home Living out on the east coast, and started calling me with assignments during this time in South Haven. This particular assignment was about ‘purchasing vacant land’, and it was unusual, in that, I’ve never really tried a full color ‘landscape’ in scratchboard, and it was interesting to try and work out all the logistics of it. I’d done a complex landscape illustration earlier in the year for a Lansing ad agency, but that was in black and white. I used myself and my wife for reference photos for the people (and in fact, if you look at the two women in the picture, they look a bit too similar to each other in the face).

One of the clients that didn’t adjust so well to my being absent from the office, was Newsday. Probably because they relied more on the phone for communication, and a majority of the work I do for them is rather tight in deadline, they probably just felt more comfortable working with someone a bit more ‘available’. Once I got home, near the end of December, though, they did start calling me again with assignments. This piece above was for the lifestyle section, and was a full page piece on ‘overseas investing’.

The piece below was a same day assignment for the same client about drafting the Iraq constitution.

One of my favorite black and white same-day assignments from them this month was this piece featuring our old cliche friend ‘uncle sam’. I don’t quite remember the topic of this illustration, but the little ‘flying brains’ were fun to draw.