Show Me the Money

Legal Times

This one was for Legal Times in June. One of the first times I tried using acrylic paints for this client. I messed around with this for a few years, but eventually dropped the style because it didn’t quite feel comfortable. This has also been the hardest style to try and emulate on the computer, but it’s not that big a loss, I never really got much good at it.

Also this month, I started getting a rash of small jobs from local designers and ad agencies. A series of ‘comic book’ illustrations for a local trade show (of course with a tight deadline), and a proposed redesign of a gas credit card character logo, and a smattering of caricatures. . . . this was probably the last time I agreed to this sort of work (ie; assignments that require that I sit down to a ‘brainstorming session’ with the designer). Local ad agency work, at this point in my career started seeming like much more trouble than it was worth. From now on, if it was a local client, I let my agent deal with the ‘face time’.