Crowd Scenes


I had another package of ‘bible stories’ due in October, this was a group of about 20 pieces for the Christian Reformed Church’s school curriculum. I was finding myself drawing a lot of crowd scenes in October. Something I don’t particularly mind doing, but is very time consuming, and I really should start charging more for these sort of projects. Just the seemingly simple task of picking different colors for every single element on the page, faces, shirts, pants, hands etc etc, turns into a long session at the drawing board.
I don’t know why the illustration above is lacking color in a few of the outfits, perhaps I saved an ‘in progress’ file and didn’t realize it at the time. One thing this one points out to me though, is how rarely I ever left any ‘white areas’ in any of these cartoon illustrations, and how much it helps to ‘pop’ the area out of the background mire. I should remember this in the future.
More samples from this month’s bundle of ‘bible stories’ can be found in another posting this month.

Another ‘crowd scene’ pictured above. This one was for the Chronicle of Higher Education. I don’t remember the topic, but the woman in the middle is somehow ‘out of the loop’ for some reason or other.

Another crowd scene, this one for Newsday. I notice I stuck another self portrait in here, wearing my ‘hiking’ vest and bandanna. I don’t remember the gist of this one either, but it seems to me that the ‘asterix’ symbol on the occasional tee shirt had some significance.