January Cartoons

Consumer Reports, Gemini Publications, Metro Detroit Parent, Zillions

The illustration above, the one to the left, and the three below were all for Gemini Publications (Grand Rapids Magazine & Parent) in January (some for the ‘city’ magazine, others for the ‘parenting’ magazine). The transition from traditional media to digital was smoothest with this cartoon style, and especially with this particular client, as the style basically underwent the fewest changes. These three illustrations pictured here are nearly indistinguishable from illustrations done the previous year using brush and ink on bristol board. It was only gradually throughout the coming years when I started simplifying the linework and toning down some of the more ‘cartoony’ aspects of the style.
The black and white illustration below was for Metro Parent magazine out of Detroit, this one through my agent at the time, and had something to do with Valentine’s Day. Below that was a ‘puzzle page’ illustration for Zillions magazine (Consumer Reports), in which you were to match the pet owners to their most likely animal companion.