Children’s Book Samples


This was a sample piece of art that I worked up for a story that my brother was writing. This was set underwater in a fishing lake, and involved a worm’s desperate attempts to avoid getting eaten (if I remember it correctly). This was one of my brother’s better story ideas I thought, and I still think it deserves another chance. I don’t know if the story was ever completed, or ever sent out to publishers, but I wouldn’t mind giving this another shot. I think if I were doing it nowadays, I might avoid items like the general’s helmet, and instead try to work a ‘four star’ pattern onto the fish’s back by way of identification, and also, if I were to do this again, I think I’d do the fish a bit more realistically. I do like the worm character, and I had the idea of perhaps continuing the ‘sign joke’ as a running gag throughout the book, commenting on the action.

I don’t remember exactly when I did this piece of art, I’m thinking it was somewhere around ’96 or ’97.