The Scratchboards of November

Dever Designs, Legal Times, Newsday, WSJ

America is still getting used to those new long airport security delays since 9/11, and I had an illustration from my east coast newspaper client on this very topic. We also seemed to be worried about computer viruses, which led to this black and white illustration for my national newspaper client. (pictured left)

I don’t quite remember what the deal was with this rather strange ‘french dude’ below, but it was for one of my more infrequent magazine design clients in November.

The illustration above was for an east coast legal newspaper client. I thought it was a particularly nice job with the portrait and frame on this one.
The illustration below was another for my east coast newspaper client. Another early attempt to emulate those wonderful ‘pulp detective’ covers that I’ve been studying around this time.

More ‘stocks, bonds and investing’ spots for my national newspaper client this month. My favorite of the bunch being the ‘teacher’ to the left. I seem to do better with limited available space. Keeps me from overworking the concept.

I also had a ‘technology’ illustration for the same client, in another unusual space requirement, a long horizontal (pictured below). And then a piece on tax preparation (for the same client) is pictured below that.

The piece below was another for my east coast newspaper client. I don’t quite remember the story, but I got a nice image out of it.