Shadows of 9/11

America, ChronicleHE, National Auctioneer, Newsday, WSJ

9/11 continues to influence the editorial output, and I had a few Osama-ish illustrations for clients in December. The above illustration had something to do with disarming the Afghanistanis, and I had a ‘whack a mole’ type illustration for my national newspaper client. On the other side of the coin, I had a portrait assignment of our president, who was getting a lot of bad press due to his affiliations with his previous employer. Not a bad likeness on this one, but there’s something goofy looking about his neck.

And from an economic standpoint, 9/11 still seems to be influencing the markets, as we can see from the illustration below. A lot of uncertaintly about the future, whether it will be a bear or bull market, and how we’re ‘not out of the woods yet’.

But elsewhere, time marches on. I had a rather dull ‘computer’ cover illustration for a special interest magazine. Rather poor color choices by me on this one.

Much better color choices in this rather unusual assignment to the left for a new client in December. This was something to do with the idea of ‘harvesting medical talent’, and was one of my better ‘trees’ in a while.

I also had a couple pieces for my educational publication client this month, both black and white, one of them to do with fraternities and the other one (with the crutches and broken bones) I don’t quite remember what the story was about.

I also had an assignment this month for a jesuit magazine. This one was something to do with marketing and demographics.