Maps etc

Carus Publishing, Cobblestone

A heaping helping of maps this month from my children’s magazine client. The one above was about different ‘western pioneer trails’, and also included many small vignettes sprinkled across the map to help decorate the dead space. An enlargement of one of them I’ve included just below it.

Another one for the same client, was the map above depicting the Lewis and Clark expedition. I was also asked to provide a number of small vignettes for this one, but separately, so that the designer could move them around and reuse them throughout the article if need be (pictured left and below).

I also had another illustration project for the same client in July, this one having something to do with one of the president’s wives redecorating the White House. I don’t remember much else about this particular illustration.
Below that was yet another map for this client in July. This one about the Nile and/or Egypt. I’ve also enlarged the smaller ‘locator map’ to show the details.