Saints and Sinners

America, Newsday, WSJ

Got assigned a series of ‘Saint’ portraits for America magazine in November. These would be used over a series of upcoming issues, and one of them would get recycled the following year for a cover illustration (and would then lead to another similar assignment from another religous publication the following year).

These were all a bit tricky, as there was very little in the way of reference material for these people, sometimes just another poorly rendered illustration from an old textbook.

Also, around this time I was assigned a small spot illustration for the Wall Street Journal, with two portraits of the Japanese prime minister Koizumi and Russia’s Putin regarding their upcoming trade talks. This was the second time I had to draw Putin since he’s been in charge over in Russia. I think I caught a better likeness of him this time. This was either the second or third time I’d drawn Koizumi.

Got a trio of same day assignments during the month of November from Newsday. The above portrait of Bill Clinton was a strange one. I did my usual rough sketch and sent it in for approval, which the editors liked and gave to the go-ahead to. I finished up the illustration, and when they received it, they felt it was somehow missing the ‘magic’ of the rough sketch, and so decided to publish the sketch instead. First and only time this particular situation ever happened to me. I no longer have the published sketch version, but I did save the unpublished finish (which, personally, I still liked better).

… and speaking of the Clintons, I also had an assignment for the same client, regarding the Senate race, in which a challenger was hoping to unseat Hillary in the NY elections. And, finally, back on the topic of ‘saints’, I also had a piece involving fire fighters (which I don’t quite remember the slant of the article, but I proposed a simple image of a resting fire fighter as a solution, which turned out rather nice and dignified).