A Thanksgiving Bounty of Financial Spots

Barrons, WSJ

A busier November than usual this year, thanks to a generous helping of assignments from two of my regular financial clients. The piece above was for Barrons, and concerned the ongoing attempts to ‘fix’ Social Security.

The piece to the left was no doubt an illustration depicting the ‘bull market’s attempts to push the holiday season ever earlier in order to make up for a lackluster retail year. This one was for the Wall Street Journal.

The spot to the right was for the same client, and was probably having something to do with the global ‘food’ market. One of earliest times I believe that I used this technique in portraying the globe like this (with the curved parallel lines).

For the same client, a quick black and white illustration to accompany a chart in the Sunday edition. This was no doubt bad news for investors at the time (storm clouds gathering, prepare for the worst, etc etc)

The above illustration was another one for Barrons. I don’t quite remember the slant on this article, but I ended up with a nice little illustration in the bargain.

The illustration to the right was another for the same publication, another one I don’t quite remember the slant on. If I had to guess, it was something about bad stocks (‘dogs’) that unexpectedly bounce back when you are about to dump them??

The piece to the left was another for the Journal, something to do with the stock market, but other than that, I don’t remember. Looking at it now, I should have taken a closer look at the perspective of that letter that is lying down. It looks a little awkward. (nice colors though)

Another spot for the same publication at a different time of the month; this one having to do with keeping your calm in the office meeting environment when others aren’t. I thought I did a nice job of fitting a crowded scene into a tiny little package without it looking too busy.

The next spot, for the same client, had to do with British investors putting their money in European stocks. A rather awkward concept, provided by the editors, but I did the best I could with it. I never like using ‘text’ to explain something in an illo (‘investment money’ on the briefcase, in case the viewer is confused) Some nice eye popping colors on this one.

Then I had my regular ‘health care’ spot illustrations that come every couple of weeks. These two, were presumably about ‘children’s ear care’ and ‘laser surgery’. I have to say, this is one of my favorite ears that I’ve ever drawn.