The Ides of March

America, Highlights, Honolulu Magazine, US Catholic, WSJ

A rare (these days at least) cartoon assignment came through in the middle of March from Highlights magazine (pictured above). I don’t remember the backstory on this one too clearly. The little brother wants to play wiffle ball with his big brother, but he doesn’t have the time for him. To the left is another of my ‘health care’ column spots for the Wall Street Journal. The illustration below, was another chance to stretch the old ‘cartoon legs’, this one for US Catholic magazine, and concerned getting along with your ‘fundamentalist neighbors’.

The spot to the right was another ‘chart accompaniment’ for the Journal. This was another one of those that had to fit in a rather strange sized inverted L space. The topic was something about crumbling infrastructure or perhaps just shaky times ahead for the markets.
The same client, different weekend, another ‘chart accompaniment’. This one about the housing market no doubt. Early rumblings about the following years’ ‘burst housing bubble’.
Plus I got a call from a new client around this time. Honolulu magazine needed a spot illustration about a local girl who tries out for the Jeopardy program. This would lead to a few more spots for this publication in the coming months.
America magazine approached me mid-March with a larger full page illustration. Something to do with a ‘call to arms’ over something or other. The ‘bullhorn’ seems to be getting a lot of use this month.