Bulls Bugs and Impeachments

ABA, Legal Times, Newsday, Recorder

The ‘computer bug’ illustration above was for the American Bar Association. I had a lot of fun with the bug, which turned out nice, but I wish I’d spent more time on the people in the picture, and perhaps the shadows could have been better handled.

Clinton’s impeachment was in the news quite a bit this month, and I had two assignments on the topic from Legal Times. Neither was particularly imaginative in concept, but I thought I did a pretty good job with what I was handed.

On the west coast, I had an assignment for another legal magazine, The Recorder. This is one I wish I could have the chance to do again (and I might, just for fun on an upcoming promo postcard). They wanted a sort of ‘pandoras box’ type image, and if I were to do again, I would definitely go a bit darker, and worked a little homage of Bosch into the beasties and creatures pouring out of the box.

And, back on the east coast, for Newsday, I had one of my first ‘bull market’ illustrations (of which I would begin to have many many more of in the following years, once I started getting more work from the ‘financial press’).