Cartoons for August

Gemini Publications, Newsday, Oxendine

(Oddly enough, while transferring this blog from its former home to its current placement in my website’s blog, I happened to notice that this entry has an enormous readership, comparatively. Not sure why, maybe the mention of “wacky packages” in paragraph 2, or the mention of “the x files” near the end). Who know what drives people towards clicking on a google search result?

The illustrations above and below were for an east coast newspaper client and had something to do with how women and men shop differently (if I remember correctly). I mostly remember having a lot of fun putting all sorts of little details and designs on all the packages on the shelves, reliving my ‘wacky packages’ youth once again.

Above is another cartoon for the same client, this one about ‘bad neighbors’. I wasn’t too happy with how this one turned out. I didn’t do such a good job on the perspective of the houses (never my strong suit anyway).

I had another series of small ‘factoid’ spots for a southern college lifestyle magazine (five pictured to the left and below). I also had a couple small spots for a local regional magazine (the ‘angry girl’, the ‘x-files’ illustration, and the ‘tarpaper shack’ illustration below).