This Could Be the Start of Something Big

ChronicleHE, Legal Times, WSJ

The above illustration was for my educational publication, and had to do with the evolution/creationism debate. I had a lot of fun with this one, emulating the famous image from the Sistine Chapel, and adding some ‘aging and crackling’ in the wash background. This one would be a favorite on my own personal ‘sample page’ for years to come.

This month marked the start of a long working relationship with a national newspaper client, which has not only grown to be one of my biggest clients for many years running, but has led to many other clients who have seen my work in this publication. The first two assignments for this client are pictured above and below, and oddly enough, both feature my least favorite subject: Buildings.

The ‘Rube Goldberg’ device above was for my east coast legal newspaper client, and was a lot of fun figuring out all the little details (I don’t see how the originator of this comic strip kept it up week after week). Below is another illustration for the same client. Obviously the two prominent faces in the front are meant to be caricatures of well known Congressmen, but I don’t quite remember who (Tom Daschle perhaps on the left?)

And for the same educational publication as the illustration at the top of this posting, I had the following ‘commentary’ piece on the quality of Hollywood films.