Education Supplement


The Chronicle of Higher Education handed me a series of illustration assignments in September for a special supplement concerning university libraries. These illustrations would accompany various articles covering different aspects of the ‘library’ topic, ranging from censorship issues, to automation to tenured positions.

I was certainly given a ‘concept’ workout during this assignment. Some articles were easier to come up with ideas than others, and in some cases, I got a little help from the editors, with ideas that they wanted to see.

Since the subject matter was a little dry and static (and drawing shelf after shelf of books got to be a little tedious after a while), I tried to spice things up by making the backgrounds as colorful and vibrant as possible. Around this time I was doing a lot of experimenting with different textured backgrounds, and overlapping different colors. After a while, I got a little more subdued and consistent with this technique, but you can see with this project that I’m all over the map with it. Sometimes using it to extreme lengths and in other illustrations hardly using it at all.

One of the illustrations was sent back for revisions after I had completed the set. The above illustration was felt to not adequately represent both genders (they like to keep a good balance of race and gender throughout the magazine), and so asked me to add another female figure on top of the flying laptop. Not a problem, so now I have two versions for my own archives.

And finally, I don’t quite remember if the illustration below was part of the same ‘grouping’ of illustrations, or if it was another assignment at a different time of the month. But it was for the same client, and I’m afraid I don’t remember what the topic for this one was, or if the letters on the blocks had any significance.