Fallback Position

Legal Times, Worldwide Church of God

This illustration was for Legal Times. While I had been doing mostly scratchboard illustration for this client, every once in a while I would fall back on my old ‘crosshatching’ style that I used to do a lot of back in the 80s whenever the rare illustration assignment would crop up at my ‘quick printer’ job. Sometimes it was due to expediency issues, or perhaps I was ‘out’ of scratchboard paper and needed to make a trip to the art store, or in some cases, I was working at a remote location and didn’t have my usual art materials handy. But every once in a while, I just thought the style might fit the image better.

I also found this job for the Worldwide Church of God that I did in February of 92, for which I still have the original artwork. Not a very good scan, the colors in the chalkboard were much more interesting in the original.

Also in February, I had a spot assignment from Atlantic City Magazine. My records indicate it was some sort of ‘outer space’ cartoon, probably as a result of the magnet promotion I sent out the previous fall.