Children’s Stories

Christian Schools International

In February (and probably a few months prior), I took part in illustrating several children’s stories for local publisher, Christian Schools International (they were associated with Christian Home & School, a magazine I had been working for during the past year). There were four volumes, if I remember correctly, and my art graced the cover of one of them (pictured to the left). Several stories in each volume featured illustrations by me, but I was only one of many illustrators hired to fill the pages of this book. I’ve since misplaced all the artwork for these (if they were ever returned, I don’t remember), and I used to have copies of the books, but I seem to have mislaid them as well.

ADDENDUM 2018: I’ve managed to track down copies of two of the volumes that I appear in (the one pictured above and another), and am still on the hunt for the other two copies (pictured below). I’ll be posting the art from each of the books as my schedule allows, and I’ll be posting each volume under a separate blog entry.

If anyone has a lead on one of these, drop me an email and I’d be happy to purchase them from you.

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Also, over January and February I gained a few new clients; Home Office Computing and Writer’s Digest.