Pastel Portrait

Legal Times

This was the very first assignment that I had for Legal Times, a Washington DC newspaper, which would turn out to be one of my more regular clients throughout the nineties (and for several years into the new century). I was asked to do a portrait of David Souter, a new appointee to the supreme court at the time.

I was horrified to see, however, once the ‘printed samples’ came back my way months later, that apparently the designer felt that his ‘five o’clock shadow’ was too pronounced, and had tried to touch it up in the pre press (thankfully they didn’t try anything on the original). It ended up looking worse , almost as if the guy had a white beard. I was worried that this client would never call back again, but a few months later they gave me another try and I pretty much stuck to scratchboard from then on out, never doing another pastel for them.

Not much else in January aside from another new christian client, The Baptist Brotherhood out of Memphis, for which I apparently did a few pastel pieces.