Bible Stories (last batch)


These were the last (for the time being) of illustrations for the Christian Reformed Church’s ongoing curriculum project (this latest session had been ongoing since around 2002, although I’d been doing this sort of work for them off and on since 1992). Not all of the illustrations are particularly interesting, so I’m only publishing a sampling here on this blog. Most of these illustrations were quite large, 11×17 mostly, with a few double that size for wall posters. I worked mostly in a modified cartoon style, as it was expedient and easy to reproduce in mass quantities, especially where I had a number of recurring characters that needed to stay consistent from batch to batch.

These were part of their ‘Friendship’ program, which was targeted towards developmentally handicaped adults and children. Two nearly identical versions are produced, one for the adults and the other for the children (with slight changes in background color to differentiate). The illustrations are purposefully kept simplistic and bold so as not to confuse. I believe another illustrator was in charge of the ‘modern day’ illustrations, and I took care of the ‘bible era’ illustrations.