Summer Begins

Barrons, Log Home Living, WSJ

The above illustration was for the Wall Street Journal. I don’t, however remember what the topic was for this one. Airline regulations maybe? (but then why the little golf carts at his feet?) Anyhow, featuring our old cliched friend Uncle Sam (plus I also provided a few tiny ‘airplane & helicopter spots’ that they could use throughout the article (they can be found in the ‘transportation’ morgue).

An assignment from Barrons came across my desk in early June, this one being an illustration of that old phrase “when the other shoe drops”. I normally have a hard time with shoes (ladies shoes especially), but when that’s the job, you knuckle down, do the research, and give it all you’ve got. I’m happy to say that this is without a doubt the best pair of shoes I have ever rendered.

An odd one about ‘home respiration’ for Log Home Living came through around this time. I also had a portrait assignment for the Journal. The president had just appointed a new treasury secretary, and it was requested that I put him on the new ten dollar bill. Dollars are tricky, you don’t want to just ‘copy them’, so you do little tricks with the rendering to make them look fairly accurate, but at the same time unique. I really liked how the portrait came out here, i really felt I captured the dollar bill portraiture style pretty well. The only problem came when I tried to run the illustration through the photoshop program (as it is my routine, to both put it into a recognizable file format and adjust colors when needed). Turns out that photoshop has some sort of built in counterfitting filter and it wouldn’t let me open the file, even though it was only half of a dollar, with the wrong face on it, and rendered all over with my own signature scratchboard marks. Very annoying, I ended up having to break it into 4 pieces, flipping the image and then putting it back together on the other end just to avoid the filter.