Late July

Washington Post, WSJ

In the last part of July, I received a job from a client I hadn’t heard from in about 4 years, The Washington Post. This was a black and white spot for the editorial page, a piece on ‘partisan thinking’.

Had a few more small spots for The Wall Street Journal this month, a piece on ‘getting transferred’ (pictured, left), and another of my ‘dubious health care’ column spots, that I do every two weeks, this one I don’t quite remember what the topic was about (music, laser surgery?) (pictured at bottom of page).
Also around this time, I had another quartet of illustrations for AG Edwards. I don’t include samples of these in this blog in deference to our agreement. Once the agreed upon time period has elapsed, I may begin posting those illustrations (most are related to the financial field, investing, estate planning, savings, etc).

A few more pieces for the Journal came across the desk in the latter part of July. The above one was a rare ‘portrait’ piece and I also had a small spot about the founding father’s reactions to the French revolution (which also involved portraiture on a much smaller scale).