The Good and the Not So Good

Carus Publishing, ChronicleHE, National Business Employment Weekly, Newsday

The above illustration was a cover assignment for the Chronicle of Higher Education. This was on the topic of ‘Incivility’ and I was pretty much given free reign to come up with what I wanted on this one. A departure for me to do something less ‘structured’ and ‘concrete’, and I must say I’m still pretty happy with how this one looks, even nearly 10 years after I originally did it. Wish I could say the same for most of the rest of the work I’ve been digging up from this period.

The illustration to the right was for Footsteps (Cobblestone) and dealt with ‘black sea chanties’. Not too bad, at least I kept it simple. The illustration below, however is one that really makes me cringe. I really should have tried something a bit simpler to get across the ‘balloon’ idea, the excessive linework just gets in the way. The illustration below that, of the ‘tire pump’ was a small accompanying spot, and was much more successful than the larger cover illo. These were both for National Business Employment Weekly.

I had two assignments for Legal Times this month, both featuring President Clinton. Neither of them captured a good likeness. I’m not sure if I ever did a decent caricature of this guy the entire time he was in office, and only finally ‘nailed’ him a couple years after he left. Both of these illustrations are fairly cringe-worthy, both in the execution and the layout, not to mention how I was hampered with strange concepts from the starting gate.

The above illustration was a ‘same day’ editorial piece for Newsday. This one probably dealing with the Bosnia situation.