Unusual Stylistic Experiments

Carus Publishing, Newsday, US Catholic

The ‘tsunami parody’ illustration above was for a special ‘automobile supplement’ for my east coast newspaper client. I’ve done these ‘auto’ covers for a couple years in a row, and it has been nice the way the editors let me try out different styles for these things. I enjoy doing parodies of famous works, it gives me a chance to study in detail a style completely different from my own, and I usually come away with some new ideas and approaches to my normal way of doing things.

My catholic magazine client handed me a full page story illustration this month, and I chose to finish this one in pastels. I used to work quite a bit in pastels back in my early years, but gave it up as being too difficult to ship to clients, and protect the fragile surface. Also the pastel dust flying around my office wasn’t all that great for my health. I’ve done a few experiments in working pastels digitally over the years, but it hasn’t quite caught on as a regular style yet. Too bad, as these usually come out quite nice.

Another story piece for an east coast newspaper client, also done in pastels this month is pictured to the right (I don’t quite remember the gist of either of these particular stories that I was illustrating).

I had another map assignment for one of my children’s geography magazines this month. This was a fun one, with many rivers and mountains to draw.