December Cartoons

Carus Publishing, Newsday, Oxendine

I had a series of cartoon spot illustrations in December Oxendine Publishing. These all concerned ‘student government’ in one way or another.

These are all good examples of my cartoon style circa 2001. As the years passed, these would get less and less ‘cartoony’ and the characters would become more realistic. I actually prefer these older ones, and should try to get back some of the loose and playful qualities of these earlier works.

I also had a series of smaller spots for the same client in December. These were to accompany little ‘factoids’ – little mini-articles on a variety of student/college topics. ( I see I managed to sneak in a reference to my old high school transportation here, a chevy vega, although mine never had an anarchy symbol on the hood) – the topics were (if memory serves): parking problems, feeding the homeless at the holidays, and rating your professors.

I also had a cartoon assignment for Newsday. This was for an article about ‘working at home’, and this could very well be a self portrait, except that it looks very little like me. (I also rarely work in my PJs) – The dog and the computer and the Fed X truck are all pretty accurate though. Back in those days, the Fed X truck was usually a major highlight of my day – not so much these days with everything handled by email.

The above ‘sahara desert’ border was for one of the Cobblestone Publishing family of magazines. I forget what the story was about (the desert, obviously, but other than that …). Below is another assignment for the same magazine family, this one for a regular ‘puzzle page’ assignment that I frequently contributed to. A rather oddball ‘story problem’ assignment this month that involved music in some fashion. My goodness, look at those boots.