Black and White Scratchboard

ChronicleHE, Newsday, WSJ

The above illustration on Putin and Bush’s Nuclear gamesmanship was for an east coast newspaper editorial in May. Also this month, for the same client, was another editorial piece, pictured below, about the end of ‘clean up work’ at the 9/11 site.

The four spots above, were my first full month of ‘health care’ spots for my national newspaper client, that I began contributing to in April. I’m still getting used to working in such a small area, and the ‘cow’ piece is the first real step in the right direction as far as simplification goes.
For the same client, I also had a pair of ‘bookend’ illustrations for a sunday chart, pictured below. This was a piece on how the news affects stock prices. I seem to be using an awful lot of cartoonish ‘anxiety lines’ in my illustrations around this time.

I had a few black and white assignments this month from an educational publication. The above illustration had something to do with scrutiny, but other than that, I don’t quite remember. Similarly, the topic of the illustration below also escapes me. (probably something to do with state government’s education policies?)