June Scratchboard Assignments

Carus Publishing, ChronicleHE, Legal Times, Newsday, US Catholic

The above illustration was for a midwest catholic publication. A rare color assignment from this client at the time (it would be more common in later years).

One of my children’s magazine clients had an issue devoted to ‘frontier life’ this month, and I had several illustrations on this and related topics. Some were in scratchboard, and others can be found in the ‘cartoon’ posting for June. The above two page spread acted as a border for the opening text, and I’ve included a couple detail images below.

The two bookend illustrations below were for another article in the same issue.

The illustration above was for an east coast legal newspaper. The editor was obviously a ‘Get Smart’ fan. Below is another assignment for the same client, this one something to do with William the Conqueror and the language changes that were brought across with him.

The above illustration, for an educational magazine client was about the seeming importance placed on football at colleges and universities. Below is an illustration for the real estate section of an east coast newspaper client.