Cartoons in January

Carus Publishing, Christian Home & School, US Catholic

The above cartoon was for a christian parenting magazine. I don’t quite remember the story behind this, but I think that the child is somehow misinterpreting an explanation being offered by his parent.

I also had a series of small spots for my east coast newspaper client in January, again in the cartoon style. These were for an article about different embarassing situations involving kids.

I also had a cartoon style illustration this month for one of my children’s magazine clients. This was a rather straightforward piece about kids looking at the stars. Looking back at this one today, I would probably handle the sky a little differently, darker perhaps, or even gradiated color from black at the top, to dark blue at the bottom. The thing that strikes me about my color palatte during this time, was how wimpy I was in regards to going ‘full black’, and I also seem to use way too much purple.

The above cartoon (again, with the purple background color – sheesh), was for a catholic magazine in January, for an article regarding the obesity epidemic in our country, especially among children.