BW Scratchboard Assignments

AG Edwards, Dever Designs, WSJ

My very first assignment for a new corporate client came in this month. This would prove to be a nice working relationship for some time to come, with regular quarterly gigs for an investment newsletter. They became aware of my work through the spots that I was doing for my national newspaper client, and this first assignment is rather reminiscent of the sort of work that they saw me do in the newspaper.

Most of the rest of the black and white scratchboard work this month was for that same newspaper client. I’d been working for this client pretty steady for the past few years, and a majority of the work around this time was in black and white. In later years, more and more color work for this client would creep in.

The black and white pieces for this newspaper client in January were: The ‘airline merger’ illustration above, the ‘bear wearing a ‘bull hat” illustration to the left, the ‘hospital care’ illustration above, the ‘new years’ illustration to the right, and the ‘computer ancient scroll’ illustration below.

I also had an assignment from an infrequent client (maybe one or two assignments in the past 3 years), and I don’t quite remember what the story was about, but the layout was rather strange, because it needed to spread across a two page spread with the type wrapping around the white space. I don’t remember if the characters were supposed to be somebody in particular, anyhow, I don’t recognize anybody.