Super Bowls and Writers Conferences

ChronicleHE, Niche Media, WSJ

The above illustration was for The Chronicle of Higher Education that I did earlier this week. This was about a writer’s conference taking place in NYC. I had read the article on Friday, hoping that two days of ‘sleeping on it’ would give me some ideas, but by Monday morning sketch time, I was still pretty stumped. Drawing buildings is not my favorite thing in the world, and I wasn’t sure exactly ‘where’ in NY this conference was taking place, so drawing a particular set of buildings was going to be problematic. I did two concepts, one more traditional with a street scene, a taxi and nondescript tall buildings in the background, and then the idea hit me to do the one that eventually got chosen, replacing the buildings with stacks of books.

The finish, this time, was probably influenced by a lot of the older illustration that I’ve been looking at recently, digging through my archives for this weblog. I was struck by some techniques that I used to use with scratchboard that I have lately abandoned for a more tightly rendered look, and tried using something similar to that in the rendering of the books, and then I went for some of the more recent style for the figures in the foreground. The only thing I was a little disappointed in was my color choices, which I thought were a little drab.

A week or so ago, my wife asked me to draw her up a ‘pig’ for an upcoming school function (pig roast, bbq dinner fund raiser), so I whipped up the illustration pictured above to the left.

The illustration to the left was a Super Bowl Sunday piece on the markets for the Wall Street Journal. One of my favorite black and white pieces I’ve done in a while. The spot illustration (above and to the right) was for the same client, for a regular health care column that I illustrate on Tuesdays. (face color evaluations was the topic)

Earlier in the month, I had a larger color assignment for the same client. This one was on copper pipe price fluctuations and China’s undo influence on them as a market indicator. I had another sketch that I preferred to this one, and may finish it up on my own when I get some free time.

And then finally, I had a caricature of a rapper named JayZ for Gotham Magazine (Niche Media). I didn’t know who it was, but my son offered to play some of his music for me on his iPod.