Storm Clouds

ABA, Barrons, WSJ

The recession was dominating the workload during the second half of February. I had a couple large illustrations for The Wall Street Journal’s ‘classroom edition’ (pictured above and below), and also had a small spot on the global market the following week (pictured below left). For the same client, I had another of my regular ‘health care column’ illustrations, this one on stress tests (pictured below right).

The illustration below was for Barrons, and talked about how analysis of the economy is lagging behind current trends and technology.

For the American Bar Association, I had a book cover illustration assignment, with 5 portraits of early women lawyers. Some I had good reference for, and others I had to do a little guessing on. It will be interesting to see how the final product turns out, as the designer was talking about possibly doing some sort of duotone treatment.

The quasi-cartoon illustration below was for a Los Angeles magazine for Niche Media and talked about our addiction to poll results. I was worried initially when I submitted my sketch, thinking that it might be in poor taste, but they seemed to like it.

Besides the day to day work pictured above, I also had a few large projects that were ongoing throughout the month of February. One was a book project, which if I’m not mistaken will be hitting the shelves in another month’s time (at which time I’ll be elaborating on the project, and posting some samples — meanwhile, it looks like you can pre-order copies on Amazon, link here). The other project is a rather involved board game assignment where I am providing artwork for the game box, the sides of the box, the game board and several game pieces and cards. I’m having a lot of fun with this, and will hopefully be hitting the shelves this xmas in Finland. This one is still in progress (although nearing completion) and I should be able to post some samples next month (I’m particularly proud of how this is turning out).