Another On the Town Cover

On The Town

One of the frills of promoting more than one style of illustration. Less than six months after I did a cover illustration for On The Town, a local arts magazine, they wanted another in my ‘pastel’ style. I remember being quite thrilled at these cover assignments, which were seen all over town, but in hindsight, the pay was negligable, the exposure swift and fleeting, and it wasn’t much more than an ego boost when it was desperately needed.

I picked up a few new national clients this month, a piece for Sailing World, and a series of conceptual illustrations for a magazine called Chronicles out of Rockford Illinois. This was the first assignment I had where I was asked to illustrate a more ‘esoteric’ series of articles (illustrating an ‘idea’ rather than something a bit more concrete), and I remember being rather stressed out by this one, barely getting my head around the articles I was reading.