1993 Year in Review

Year In Review

I think this was the first or second year that I could honestly say that I was earning a ‘living wage’ at illustration. My son would have been 3-4 years old during this year, my wife was still working at the old print shop where I was employed, and I believe I had just moved into my new ‘office over the garage’ either this year or the year before, graduating from the spare bedroom in the house (over doubling my workspace area).

Was keeping most of the clients that I had picked up over the past few years, and starting to add several new ones, including a ‘clip art’ company, Metro Creative Graphics, who would keep me fairly busy for the next five years. More ‘children’s publication’ work this year, including Zillions (the children’s version of ‘Consumer Reports) and Cobblestone Publishing.

Amazing how little work I have that has survived, considering I did approximately 574 illustrations over the course of the year. Making a total of 1505 illustrations since I started in 1989.

The further back I go, the less work has survived, and you could probably say that what has survived is hardly worth calling ‘best’. Anyhow, for what it’s worth, these are what I consider the ‘best’ pieces from 1993: