I Am The Walrus

Carus Publishing, Newsday, US Catholic

I’m not sure, but I do believe this is the first and only walrus I’ve ever had to draw. He turned out pretty nice, too. This was for a ‘puzzle page’ assignment that I’ve been doing for a while for Oddysey Magazine (Cobblestone Publishing). Most of the illustrations in this posting were of ‘lighter and/or cartoony’ illustrations I did in January.

The ‘faux board game’ illustration above was for Newsday. This wasn’t the first time they asked me to do one of these ‘board game’ concepts, but this was the better of them. This one concerned celebrity malfeasance and the habit that courts have of ‘letting them off easy’ with community service. I had the most fun coming up with the little iconic pictures for the various spaces and cards (the drunk driver is my favorite). I notice that the perspective is a little off here and there, but it isn’t real noticable.

I also had a series of four small cartoon spots for the same client in January. These all dealt with issues involving the children of divorce and various situations that arise.

Some turned out better than others. For instance, I don’t particularly care for the one with the close ups of the parents hands. I put myself in a corner on that one, since I got so close to the hands, it looked odd if I just left them as simple outlines and color, to match the rest of the stylized cartoons, but it also looked odd giving them a little more detail than the rest.

Of course, with all the rest of the illustrations, I kept the main characters rather simplified, and put some soft detailed watercolor in the backgrounds (the park, the christmas tree, the living room with pictures on the walls). Which just seems to make that one with the close up hands stand out as the ‘odd man out’.

I also had another cartoon illustration in a similar style. This was for US Catholic, and dealt with kids who are a little unruly in church. She looks a little like my niece I think.