Meanwhile, In Hong Kong

Far East Economic Review

Most of the work this week has been for the Far Eastern Economic Review. I had a piece on ‘consumers as engines of growth’ (pictured below) earlier in the week, and then a portrait of Salman Rushdie (pictured above).

Odd coincidences department: The same week, I get an email from the author of a book I illustrated earlier this year with the following ‘gossip news blurb’ (link here – last item on the page)

While closer to home, approval of sketches has just come my way for a rather large project for the Christian Reformed Church, which should keep me pretty busy for the next month, drawing biblical battle scenes, camels, sheep and bearded guys in robes.

Another Hong Kong piece I did this week was the illustration below, but I jumped the gun a little bit on posting it, and I was requested to take it off the site until May 6th. My mistake in talking a bit too much about the topic in the text, where it showed up on a search engine and caused a bit of a ruckus.