Additional February Assignments

Carus Publishing, ChronicleHE, Legal Times, Newsday

I had a rather large cartoon illustration for one of my east coast newspaper clients. This one concerned the new policies being adopted by the airlines where they would start cutting back on food service and allow passengers to bring their own food on board. I had a lot of fun with this one. While they are generally more work than the usual assignment, I like the chance to do a ‘busy’ scene with lots of chances to hide little bits of subversive humor all over the place.

I also had a piece on Colin Powell’s presentation to the United Nations. This was the first time I’d been given the chance to draw Mr. Powell, surprisingly enough, considering how much he’s been in the news over the past 10 years.

Also, for the same client, was the color illustration below. I dont’ remember this one too well, and I don’t know why there are burgers that look like ‘the earth’ being fried on a skillet. I remember having a hard time making these burgers ‘look’ like burgers. I still don’t think I quite succeeded.

The above illustration was for a legal newspaper client of mine. I remember being rather nervous about this one. It was supposed to depict the inside of the Supreme Court chambers (something I’d never seen), and I was having trouble finding good reference for the room, and I knew that the client, being based in Washington DC was probably more familiar with the room than I was. I hope I came at least close.

The illustration above was one that I had this month for an educational publication. I don’t remember the topic of this one all too clearly.

And finally, I had a couple of cartoon assignments for regular clients this month. The alien at the chalkboard above, was for my semi-regular ‘puzzle page’ feature that I’d been contributing to for a children’s science periodical. I’d done a few ‘aliens’ for this feature before, but this is my personal favorite alien. I also had a piece on ‘post office employees’ for another children’s publication (pictured below).