New Client

ABA, Barrons, National Auctioneer, Newsday, US Catholic

Got a first trio of assignments in June from a new client that would become a nice source of steady work over the next few years. Barrons, who is affiliated with the Wall Street Journal (at least as far as parent company goes, I’m not sure how closely the two organizations are affiliated, but the checks come from the same place). The first assignment was to show an investor ‘in a slump’. The client requested the ‘park bench’ image, but all the little touches were mine (slumping trees, squirrel flat on the ground). The fun part about working for this client, is that frequently one job will lead to another. Sometimes I’ll come up with a series of concepts, and a single assignment can turn into two or three finals. Or a spot illustration (as in the case of the ‘black hole’ illustration below) can grow into a cover illustration the following month. The people are friendly to work with, and the assignments are frequently challenging and fun.

I also got another of my ‘dead guy memorial’ illustration assignments from Newsday. This time Billy Graham was the recently deceased. And from the same client, I had a ‘jigsaw puzzle’ portrait of the Supreme Court, since Renquist was stepping down. Tricky to capture the likenesses on such a small scale, but after working for Legal Times for years back in the 90s, I was quite practiced at drawing these judges.

Then in addition to all the fun I was having with the above illustrations, I also had a few chores. Some of my least favorite things to draw are cars and buildings. The cartoony ‘houses’ above wasn’t too bad. These were for US Catholic magazine, and I dont’ quite remember the topic, but the anthromorphization of the buildings, and the fact that they didn’t have to be quite so ‘perfect’ helped make this one more fun than it could’ve been.

In contrast, the illustration below, for National Auctioneer, wasn’t nearly as much fun, and you can tell from the way I rendered it that I had completely the wrong attitude in approaching it.

Below that, I had an assignment from the American Bar Association, that involved cars taking up the lion’s share of the illustration. This one involved servicemen and their financial responsibilities at home while they are overseas serving their country.