Scratchboards in May

AHMM, America, ChronicleHE, Innovision, Legal Times, WSJ

Another in a series of assignments that I had from a west coast magazine client. These usually consisted of a single larger color illustration with 3 or 4 small accompanying black and white spots, on a common theme. The concept this month was on ‘Sir Walter Raleigh’ and concerned chivarly in various forms. Not one of my favorites from this series of projects, but then again, not the worst one either. I suppose I have a hard time working up enthusiasm for an idea that just doesn’t grab me from the starting gate. You can usually tell which projects they are. I usually try just as hard as I do with every project, but there just seems to be a certain magic missing from the drawings.

Below is another fiction piece for my long time ‘mystery digest’ client. This was one of the better ones for this year. I don’t quite remember the story exactly, but it seems to me that there was some sort of ‘cross dressing’ and mixed up genders situations going on in this murder mystery.

I had a rather straightforward ‘handshake’ illustration assignment from my educational publication client this month (pictured right).

Below are a few illustrations I had this month for my national newspaper client. The usual Bulls and Bears in a rather crowded ‘presentation’ scene (pictured below), and below that, an illustration regarding ‘funds’ for which I came up with a rather weak idea.

Below are a couple more illustrations for the same client. Stuck for an idea? A frequent method is to play around with size and scale when I’m having trouble conceptualizing. ‘Sniffing out’ your co-workers – voila, a big nose. Something to do with ‘listening’ – voila, a big ear. (or make the people next to ear real tiny to really bring the point home).

I also had a color piece for this client in May (rather rare to do color for this client at this time). A long horizontal regarding online global investing (I think I’ve recycled this idea more than once too, now that I think of it).

This illustration to the left was another for the same client, and had to do with investors taking a break for the summer. This was originally a strangely shaped inverted ‘L’ design to wrap around a chart in the weekend edition, but I’ve chopped off the bottom portion to make it fit here better without all the white space.

Below is a portrait of Fidel Castro for an east coast legal newspaper. Oddly enough, the first time I’ve been asked to draw this guy, considering he’s been in power since before I was born.

This illustration to the left was for a jesuit publication in May. An article about ‘religion in the office’, and I came up with a rather clever solution I thought.