February’s Maps and Cartoons and Whatnots

Carus Publishing, Newsday, Strang Publications

A map of Ontario for my children’s magazine client this month. An ususual chance to draw my own stomping grounds (even if in a ‘surrounding area’ roundabout kind of way). Not much in the way of ‘topography’ in this one, but seemed to be mostly concerned with rivers, lakes and waterways.

Below is a rather strange conceptual piece for an evangelical christian magazine that I did this month. For a change of pace, I decided to try this one in a ‘pastel’ style similar to a style that I had used quite heavily back in the early days of my career.

Additionally this month I had a series of cartoon spots for my east coast newspaper client. These were for an article about unruly children in public places, entitled ‘Holy Terrors’, and would be sprinkled throughout the article, with various portions of the illustrations sticking beyond the border so that the text could wrap around them. Some were more square in format, while others were more vertical or horizontal in shape.

And also this month, again in a cartoon style, was another ‘puzzle page’ illustration for one of my children’s magazine clients. (pictured below)