Twin Towers

Legal Times, Newsday, WSJ

Another early attempt at the new President for an east coast newspaper client of mine. Still struggling with finding the likeness to this guy. I wouldn’t really hit my stride with George until I stumbled upon a funny web site that compares many of his facial expressions to identical photos of chimpanzees. Oddly enough, this really helped me nail this guy’s face, in future assignments.

A lot of bears this month for my national newspaper client. This was around the time of the bursting of the ‘tech market bubble’, and we were just entering the long period of ‘bear market’ illustrations (just based on my own illustrations, the ‘bear’ won out over the ‘bull’ for many years to come).

Also around this time, for the same client, I had the inevitable ‘tax preparation’ illustration (pictured above), and an illustration to the right featuring Uncle Sam, cds and bags of money (don’t remember this one too well, not sure what it was about).

The turtle illustration below was for the same client. The ‘BT’ on the shell had some significance (perhaps referring to a specific company in the article), but other than that, I remember little about the premise of this illustration.

The illustration of Uncle Sam above was for a jesuit magazine in March, and had something to do with President Bush’s new ‘faith based’ funding initiatives.

The illustration below was a caricature of Guiliani for an east coast newspaper client, and dealt with his legacy of ‘chasing all the undesirables out’ of NYC. I always get a little chill when I see the towers pop up unexpectedly in pre-9/11 images and in movies, and was surprised to see that I had drawn them 6 months prior to the attacks.

Another strange illustration that I completely forget the story behind, is the image above for an east coast legal newspaper. Something obviously to do with the Supreme Court (one of many ‘mini portraits’ I do of the court for this client over the years), but why they are bowing towards this scientist statue is beyond me.