Cartoon Spots

Metro Detroit Parent, Oxendine, Strang Publications

I had a series of cartoon spot illustrations this month for a college lifestyle magazine. I’d been doing these small factoid illos for this client for almost ten years at this point, and the styles have changed and mutated over time. This client was always very open minded and I was allowed a lot of freedom to experiment. Eventually we sort of settled on this particular style as being a good compromise between stylistic and time constraint issues. The pay scale didn’t allow me to spent a great deal of time on each, but with this rather loose style I could usually fit in a lot of detail and humor and keep it fresh looking and fun. The most time consuming part of these projects were usually just the brainstorming sessions, coming up with a fresh approach to frequently repetitive or esoteric topics.
I also had a cartoon assignment this month for an evangelical magazine client. This rather strange one had something to do with ‘positive attitudes’. I didn’t care what the story was about, it was just fun to draw a creepy tentacled monster.

Also this month, I had a few more black and white cartoon assignments from my agent for a Michigan regional magazine (the camping and juggling illustrations pictured below).