Black and White Scratchings

ChronicleHE, WSJ

The black and white scratchboards in June were a lackluster bunch for the most part, the exception being the two I’ve chosen for the top of the posting. I liked the simplicity of the image above, and the concept was kind of fun for the poor investors chained to their ‘tech stocks’ pictured at left. Both were for my national newspaper client in June. For the same client I had a couple other ‘tech’ related pieces, but both were rather dull in concept. A ‘chain’ border for one small article is pictured below, and below that an image that is supposed to show how all sorts of disparate technologies will be coming together in the future to a single box in your home.

Below is another piece for the same client on the German economy. Below that is an illustration for my educational publication client, something to do with college administration meetings.