United Nations

Carus Publishing

For my children’s magazine client this month, I had a series of portraits involving the United Nations. I tried something a little different for this one, working entirely in colored pencils, but in a style similar to how I worked with pastels, starting with a neutral color background and then working the shadows and highlights with a series of sketchy lines. Then tied them all together with a repeating garland design taken from the UN logo.

For the same client this month (aside from the usual maps and puzzle page assignments mentioned in another posting), I also had a couple pieces on the revolutionary war. The one directly below was about the mistrust on the streets between the british and the settlers just prior to the war (a two page spread, wrapping the text like bookends), and then below that, I had a couple spreads for an article about the life of Paul Revere. Both using different techniques that I am used to, and none of them I was all that happy with when I was finished. Nevertheless gave me good opportunities to practice different styles and work out the kinks.