ChronicleHE, Legal Times, Newsday, WSJ

A rather lackluster group of scratchboards this month, with probably the best one being the piece on archaologists above for my educational publication client.
I also had a half way decent one for my national newspaper client this month on emissions and the Kyoto treaty. (pictured below). I think all my energy in July and August was taken up with those extra large cartoon book projects. The illustrations in those projects were full of energy and spontenaety, and in contrast, these scratchboards seem sort of stiff and awkward.

The above illustration was for my east coast newspaper client and had to do with divorced parents causing difficulties during wedding plans.

The cliched based concept below was for my national newspaper client, and had to do with venture capitalists seeking handouts (marked with VC just in case you don’t understand, or can’t read the article). I don’t like including ‘text’ or ‘labels’ in my illustrations, and usually when I do, it is at the request of the client. The illustration at left is another weak concept for the same client, again with explanatory labels.

Another assignment for the same national newspaper client is pictured at right.

The illustration below was for an east coast legal newspaper in July. From a distance it seems rather busy and confusing, but there are some nice elements to this one from a color and lighting standpoint. I’ve been doing scratchboards now for over ten years and I still seem to be working the bugs out of the technique. I’ll probably always be learning something new. Probably why I haven’t gotten tired of this job yet.

Another scratchboard that I ran across the other day to add to July’s tally, is the portrait of Yasser Arafat for my east coast newspaper client (pictured below).