Change of Pace Time

Carus Publishing, Newsday, Strang Publications, US Catholic

In order to break the monotony of a fairly busy month of cartoons and scratchboard illustrations, I approached a few projects with an attitude of experimentation. I did a few ‘pastel’ illustrations for my east coast newspaper client this month. One of them about a Brooklyn Writers colony (above), and another one about split personality (below). Still using a bit too much purple in my color palatte I see.

The above illustration was for a southern evangelical magazine client. I’d done quite a bit of work for them in the early 90s, but the assignments grew less and less frequent over the years. This was one of the rare digital images I created for them. Working in a ‘oil pastel’ medium to emulate a painting style (the ‘brushes’ were still a bit intimidating to me around this time), I’m still struggling with this style of work, putting too much dark and detail into the background and leaving the foreground character kind of sketchy and indistinct, mistakes I hopefully wouldn’t make in the future.

For my children’s magazine client this month, I had a map of the Dead Sea area. This was one of my favorite maps of the year, having a lot of fun with the desert terrain. I ended up using this one on a ‘compilation postcard’ a couple years later.

I also had a couple color cartoon assignments this month, where I mixed up the usual ‘colorization’ technique a bit to add some special effects. For instance in the ‘chalkboard’ in the ‘teacher’ illustration below for a catholic publication, and in the ‘mona lisa’ images in the ‘puzzle page’ illustration below that.