Change of Pace

Carus Publishing, Newsday

9/11 continues to influence the workload. The illustration above was part of a series of moody illustrations to accompany an article in the lifestyle section of an east coast newspaper. The article was about how many people are putting things ‘on hold’ since the September attacks, things like weddings, having children etc. Rather than the usual scratchboard, I decided to do these in a painterly style (using oil pastels from my digital toolbox).

Meanwhile, I still had the usual assortment of assignments from my children’s magazine client. The above ‘puzzle page’ assignment was done in a mixture of my usual ‘cartoon’ style, and some colored pencil techniques used for the ‘grass squares’. I also had a three part illustration on how ‘locks’ work for a different magazine in the same family of publications. This one was finished using a combination watercolor and colored pencils.