Black and White in June

AHMM, ChronicleHE, WSJ

The five spots above were the second full month of ‘health care’ spots for my national newspaper client, having just started contributing to this regular feature in April. Still getting used to working on such a small scale, and some of them looking better than others. I also had a series of small spot illustrations for my educational publication client this month. Also all in black and white and rather small in size. These were to decorate a special educational funding supplement, and were all basically variations on a common theme.
I also had another fiction assignment for my long time ‘mystery digest’ client. I don’t remember the story on this one, but I do remember that back then, the title and author would frequently appear at the top of the illustration, which is why I would fade out the upper portion of the drawing in most cases (or fade to black and let them reverse out the lettering).

The illustration to the left was for my national newspaper client, and I don’t quite remember what the topic was (I don’t think it was baseball, at least implicitly). Back around this time, I was coaching a little league team, and I would frequently use any excuse to draw a baseball concept, just like how later on I would use any excuse to draw a sailboat.