June is Busting Out All Over

AHMM, Carus Publishing, Children's Television Workshop, CRC

Aside from the usual clientele in June, I also had another ‘bible story’ batch to complete. Another 20 or so illustrations for a local religious organization’s curriculum, an ongoing 3-4 year project that still had another year or two to go. The above illustration is just a sample of the batch I worked on this month. I also had a fair amount of work for my corporate financial client, although I don’t post examples of these illustrations, due to the nature of our usage contract (when it expires, I’ll post them here). Most of these illustrations had to do with investing in one way or another, savings, retirement, portfolio planning, etc.

I had an unusual illustration for my long time ‘mystery digest’ client this month. This was a rare instance in which I used ‘greyscale’ in an illustration for this particular client. The story called for an investigator lining up a photo with a particular murder location from film in the victim’s camera, and I wanted to somehow differentiate between the usual ‘scratchboard’ that I draw, and a ‘photo’. An interesting experiment, but not sure it was all that successful. I never went back to something like this again.

Another semi-regular assignment that I do for a children’s science publication, is a ‘puzzle page’ illustration. Sometimes it can be in the form of a maze or visual puzzle, or sometimes it is just an illustration of a ‘story question’. I don’t quite remember the angle on this one, but it had something to do with various bird’s migration patterns (?).

Another children’s magazine, one I had done work for in past (but it had been a long time since the last assignment) called me up in June to illustrate a short piece about the weight of gear that a typical fireman carries to go into a blaze (weighing approximately as much as a ten year old child).