Big and Bold

ABA, AHMM, Carus Publishing, Newsday

An appropriate and timely assignment from Newsday is pictured above. One of several larger sized illustrations I did this month, this one to accompany a lifestyles section article about ‘christmas pageants’. I returned to an old style that I haven’t used in quite a while, soft pastels, and much darker than I usually dare myself to go. The dark/light contrast really helped focus the central point of the illustration and helped pop out the little girl in the angel wings at the front of the stage.

Above is pictured another one of my ‘fiction pieces’ for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. I don’t recall the story on this one, other than the fact that it featured an old spooky house.

Another large sized piece in December was the one above for the American Bar Association. A full page illustration in which I believe is the very first time I used this particular technique in portraying a curved surface (I would get better at it with practice over the coming years). It involves taking a series of parallel lines and opening them up in photoshop and using the ‘spherize’ filter on them, and then bring them back into my paint program and manipulating the curved lines, either colorizing them or overlapping several layers of them and using the airbrush to doctor them up a bit. It is a bit more work, but well worth the effort.

The above map was another ‘larger sized’ assignment I had this month. This was for Cobblestone and concerned the Lewis and Clark expedition, focusing in on all the ‘wildlife’ they encountered along the way. It is too hard to see on this small reproduction, but I had several small vignettes along the ‘path’ indicating many different types of fauna in the regions where they were likely to be encountered. This map appeared in the magazine as a two page spread.