And in Financial News…


For the Wall Street Journal, I had a few spots this month in addition to my regular weekly gig. The one above was concerning rising oil prices, and the one to the left was about a firm that was finding its product line becoming more and more obsolete in the computer age, and speculating on what it’s future prospects may hold. (this was one of those odd shaped illustrations that formed an inverted letter “L” around a chart, though I have chopped off the continuing cloud pattern that ran along the top portion of the illustration.

I also had a piece on Chinese banks trying to spruce up their image. This was one of those ideas proposed by the editors where I was just there to ‘put it to paper’.

5 ‘health care’ spots this month, and most of them in color, which is usual around this time (although I never know for sure if they are printed in color or not – it depends on where it ends up in the paper). The topics were ‘poison ivy medication’, ‘weight loss supplements’, ‘aching joints in runners’, ‘castor oil treatments’, and a rather tricky one for ‘monthly pap smears’ which need a subtle approach.

I also had another of my fiction pieces for Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. I don’t remember the story on this one, other than the fact that it featured an African American sleuth.